Sunday, September 4, 2011

The hype: H&M Singapore

Today, H&M finally opened its doors in Singapore.

I braved the snaking queue, hot sun and afternoon showers to make it to its entrance at just 5 minutes short of an hour. H&M's PR efforts were commendable, as they gave away H&M magazines, mineral water and umbrellas (this was the smartest marketing tool in my opinion) to those who made an effort to queue.

And for the crowd's entertainment were models decked out in the season's hottest looks, literally, since some of the male models were in scarves, jackets and boots.

What awaited me at the end of all that queueing was 3 floors of fashion heaven. The clothes did not disappoint as it took me back to my shopping experiences at the H&M outlets around Europe. Most importantly, the clothes and accessories were all reasonably priced, with tees starting from $7.90 and necklaces and earrings starting from $3.90.

The crowd control was amazing as well since there was no mad frenzy and people grabbing away at clothes. It was all an orderly affair, a far cry from Uniqlo's opening in 2009. I apologize for not having a single photo of the interior since I was too focused on shopping.

Anyway, I managed to score some good buys, but more on that in another post. For now, I'm the happiest girl in Singapore because my all time favourite high street brand is finally here.



  1. H&M just opened in Singapore? I thought they would have it over there since Topshop's present! Ah well- HK has yet to open Topshop (but we have a million H&Ms) but Abercrombie and Gap are set to open here soon.


  2. Sam: Yes its H&M's first outlet in Singapore! Strangely we have many Topshop and New Look outlets here, but H&M took a really long time to come! Haha well you can come visit Singapore for Topshop since we're not too far off! Its just like how I always want to go to HK for Monki and H&M (when it wasn't here). Oh and Abercrobmie will be in Singapore end of the year too (:

    NRC: You're so lucky you're in UK with H&M outlets everywhere! And shopping in UK is amazing!