About Us

Together we are Fir and Fal and we are big on the f word.

F for Fashion Flashes; those moments of pure inspiration, when the imagination runs wild and the creative juices get pumping. Daydreams shouldn't stay in the clouds if they can happen down on earth. 

F for Fun; fashion is nothing if it isn't fun. Fashion is nothing if we don't make it fun. Fashion also isn't ours, it belongs to everyone. We're just sharing our fun with everyone.

F for Finding a voice; making a statement and making fashion our own, saying it the way we do for all the fellow clotheshorses out there. Whether it's an outfit rummaged from the depths of a wardrobe, thrown on in a semi-sleep-comatose, impeccably put together for a high-profile event or pulled over for convenience, the f word speaks for all.

F is for Fir and Fal; two very real girls with very real jobs and equally realistic paychecks. Both trawling through the fashion industry, learning the ropes and hopefully making a mark. We pick the same clothes but wear them so very differently.

(the f) word.

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