Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I wore...

Wedding celebrations in Singapore usually mean an 8 course Chinese dinner at a hotel of the couple's choice, where entire families gather and sit through the entire ritual up to the final toast (yam-seng!). This can be quite a humdrum at times. However, I recently attended a friend's wedding which was simple and sweet, and of course accompanied by many young lads who made the night a bit more interesting with their drunk antics (there was free flow of booze).

To spice up the night even more, I decided to wear my alphabet print chiffon maxi dress paired with skyscraper heels and a leather cuff. Yes you heard me right, alphabet print. And I love this dress to bits.

Now see if you can read your ABCs, from A to Z.



P.S. More updates from MFW soon!


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