Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something for you to 'Like'

Calling all ASOS fans! (Fal and myself included). ASOS will be launching a fully integrated Facebook store at the end of this month.

Previously, online stores have used Facebook as a storefront and users would be directed to the main website should they want to make a purchase. ASOS however, has its entire stock on Facebook. Facebook users can not only comment on and share items with friends, they can now buy and save items without having to leave the social networking site. ASOS currently has over 11 million visitors to its site and about 400,000 followers on Facebook. James Hart, ASOS ecommerce director, isn't sure that this would lead to increased sales although the potential is rife. Personally, this new social media marketing initiative hits the nail right on its head. There is no better time than now to take advantage of the potential that is in Facebook to cultivate a loyal customer-brand relationship and expand one's business.


ASOS is just churning out goodies; from a drop-dead gorgeous S/S lookbook to a Facebook store. Let's hope ASOS keeps them coming.

For more information, you can find this article on Marketing Week.


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