Monday, January 24, 2011

The Coveted

Fir and myself sincerely apologize for the lack of updates! Unfortunately, the stress from school work and projects have started to kick in, and that has led to the both of us struggling to stay abreast of it all.

So right now, when I'm a little stressed (and un-motivated), I turn to surfing the internet for some inspiration! Recently, I chanced upon a website called The Coveted. And yes, this website really lives up to its name. The Coveted is dedicated to documenting the handbags, shoes, accessories and clothes of fashion insiders like Teen Vogue's fashion market editor Mary Kate Steinmiller and Harper's Bazaar's fashion market editor Joanna Hillman.

I really enjoy the personal treatment given to e
ach item as there's a little anecdote that goes along with every one of them. Shot by photographer Jake Rosenberg, each photo is definitely bound to leave you lusting for more. And there's more fashion editor, publicist, stylist, model and blogger subjects coming up, so head on down to the website for some pleasure for your eyes.


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