Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I received the most adorable SOS from Fal a few days ago for ideas on how to make the most of three lovely items in her awesome wardrobe. When Fal and I go shopping, be it for fabrics or actual clothes, we tend to reach for the exact same item/ cloth. We usually have no idea the other party owns the same piece of clothing till we see it on the other person and then "Oh my god! I have that too!". It does seem like we have the same taste but when it comes to pairing the items or mixing them up, we do so in vastly different ways, which makes swapping style tips quite fun sometimes. Fal is distinctly more sophisticated whereas I'm pretty much all over the place, not committing to anything in particular and keeping my options open.


This is my office wear skirt and I often wear it with a formal button-down shirt. But I’d like to dress it down, and make it look less corporate. 
I love the side draped skirt. I've always wanted one like this but never got down to actually looking for one or eventually buying it. It worries me that more material around the gluteus maximus would make it look even larger than it already is. Maybe it's time to change my mind and actually own one. I'd wear it with a printed top; anything from scarf prints, 70s florals or cobra textures. Personally, I'd just pull on a pair of boots or my trusty Doc Martens just to add something different to the outfit but Fal isn't me so I chose flesh coloured brogues instead of the same old black ones that are everywhere. I love these round shades from ASOS so much I decided to throw them into the outfit mix. 

I love this chiffon top from ASOS but I currently only pair it with jeans or a pair of black pants. Well, the top is also pretty sheer, but I don’t like wearing a tube or tank top underneath it. How can I jazz up the chiffon top and pair it with something different?
I remember this top from ASOS only because I almost bought it too (surprise, surprise). The sheer-ness of the top doesn't bother me, I 'd just wear a bra that hooks in front so that the unsightly hooks at the back do not show beneath the top. I'd try the top with chiffon printed pants like the cobra printed one (Zara) or the watercolour print one (Topshop). If you're adventurous enough Fal, how about metallic brocade cigarette pants!

I haven’t had an opportunity to wear this necklace because I’m not sure what neckline it works best with.
Round necklines I guess? I'm more of a try-before-I-know-for-sure kind of person so I'm really just groping in the dark here. It seems like its slightly longer than choker length so if it's a tank top you're intending to wear it with it may not sit properly at the neckline, slipping in and out of the top of the tank (I've had that problem). So, I'd go with crew neck or perhaps something that cuts in. 

I'm not sure how much help I am Fal, for all I know, I may have just encouraged you to do some serious shopping to add on to the bursting wardrobe. I'm sure the ideas you had in mind were probably great to begin with! 


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