Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to basics

Lately, I've been running out of ideas for my outfits and finding myself in sort of a major crisis as you can tell from Fir's previous post regarding my SOS letter. I have to thank Fir for helping me salvage some of the pieces from my wardrobe and for being my awesome stylist and advisor when it comes to putting outfits together. In case you can't already tell from the out-of-the-world mood boards that she has done up, Fir has an impeccable sense of style (more so than myself).

So when I go into crisis mode, I go back to my mantra of basics. These are the pieces in my wardrobe that save me when I'm running out of ideas, and here are some of the pieces that I cannot live without.

The denim shorts

I love my denim shorts, and they're so worn that the seams at the hem are starting to come undone. They go with everything, but I'm wearing it here with a button up blouse (another basic), my favorite clutch of the moment and leather + pony hair booties.

White tee + faux leather pants

The white tee is a wardrobe essential, and I'm sure everyone has at least one piece in their wardrobe. I have at least 3, in different cuts, and I'm still collecting more. My white tee and my faux leather pants are a great couple, and the pants help to add edge to any outfit. All I need to do is throw on a bold statement necklace and I'm ready to head out.

Breton striped tee + black dress shorts

I think I've probably worn my breton striped tee to death, but I simply love stripes because they go with all prints to achieve some kind of 'clashing print' effect effortlessly. I am wearing my breton striped tee with my favorite black dress shorts which is yet another necessity in my wardrobe since I am a girl who can't do without shorts. To jazz up the outfit, I throw on a pair of floral ballet flats, arm cuff and clutch. 

Denim shirt + denim jeans

My denim shirt is yet another all important basic I can't do without. It's my favorite next to the breton striped tee, because it looks good with florals, animal prints, you name it. And then there's my favorite pair of Cheap Monday jeans. Need I say more? I'm wearing both of them together because denim on denim though big a season ago, still remains effortlessly chic.

Asymmetrical hem tank top + denim jeans + Dr. Martens boots

This is just one of my tank tops out of the gazillion that I have - this is a little more unique because it has a sheer back and an asymmetrical hem. This goes with my denim jeans, a pair of Dr. Martens (great for rainy days) and clutch of the moment.

With a little imagination and very little effort, basics can make an outfit tres chic too!


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