Friday, November 11, 2011

WFW 2011 Singapore: Stephane Rolland

Question: What do you do when you come face to face with the works of a Grand Couturier that is Stephane Rolland?

a. You gawk
b. You gasp in awe
c. You cheer and applaud loudly
d. You are moved to tears
e. All of the above

Answer: All of the above.

Okay, so maybe I didn't cry, but I'm certain someone in the audience did, because Stephane Rolland's collection was so beautiful from the moment it started till it ended.

For his Haute Couture presentation, Stephane Rolland depicted a strong yet feminine woman with the use of bold lines and structure. Each dress had an amazing architecture, from strong shoulders to high collars and ornate origami folds made out of leather and organza seen on the waists, neckline and plastered on the back of several dresses.

Rolland's attention to details was modern and exciting as he took lacquered chopsticks and brushed steel and turned them into pieces of art.

Then there were the dresses that looked like they were dipped in ink; they were simply gorgeous.

Asian influences were subtle but present in his collection, in the form of kimono-like sleeves and origami folds.

For me, what stood out the most was the portrayal of a modern heroine. The black dresses with its high slits, and body-conscious fit, reminiscent of a superhero costume for the modern woman. Then there were the finger-only black leather gloves which would have served well as hand-gear used in fights against villains. The massive capes which came with the billowy gowns helped to tie the story of this strong and powerful female together even further.

I can only imagine why every single woman in the crowd would want to wear Stephane Rolland's dresses - the amazing fit and the way he evoked such a strong and confident woman. And yes, I told Fir how amazing it would be if I could own every single dress in this collection.

We spotted Shah from Pop Culture at the event.

Here's a rare picture of Fir and myself. Fir was looking va-va voom in a black corset maxi dress that night! On me, an alphabet-printed chiffon maxi dress with lace up wedges.


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