Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get that Modern Classic with H&M: Part 2

What did we think of the 3 different styles that Tom Stubb's styled for H&M's Modern Classic collection and how can Singapore guys re-interpret these styles? Here Fir's and my take on it. If you want to watch the video again, you can find it here

Look 1: 3 Piece Chalk-stripe Suit

Fir: J'adore the turtleneck. Benj looks so sharp and neat! Maybe its because it's near impossible to wear a turtleneck in Singapore that makes it so appealing to me. Also, being a sucker for details, I like the handkerchief in the breast pocket. It is a refreshing, modern and casual take on the classic and traditional pocket square. The latter would have given this look a more dated, black-tie feel as opposed to the fresher vibe that the handkerchief brings. If those dark red leather lace-up brogues came in my size, I would wear them.

Fal: Perhaps the key takeaway from this is to wear the jacket as it is rather than have it buttoned up and have a rich colored shoe to make the navy chalk-stripe look more contemporary. The look in my opinion, though posh, is bordering on being too flamboyant. I say lose the handkerchief and turtleneck and go for a normal buttoned up shirt.

Look 2: Military coat, skinnies and boots

Fir: I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago about how only those with blessed skinny legs could pull off jeans with the cuffs folded above the ankle paired with cool boots. And then this video came along and proved our theory right. That aside, what is not to love about this look? I love the classic way the scarf is worn juxtaposed with the "aggro" shoes. I totally agree with Tom Stubbs who says that with a pair of Dr Martens, this look would be perfect. 

Fal: Singapore's climate might make it impossible for guys to wear the (damn-gorgeous-I'm-drooling-over-it) coat, but I think the button-up shirt with cuffed skinny jeans and antique brogue boots are already a very stylish combination. And as Tom Stubbs says, keep the shirt buttoned to the top 'for a little edge'.

Look 3: Fractured evening wear

Fir: Gorgeous. Need I say more? Give me a well-cut jacket and crisp white shirt any day and I am instantly on board.

Fal: This is my favorite look out of all the three, simply because I think almost any guy will look so suave in this. The shawl collared jacket paired with skinny jeans is genius, and for less daring guys, they can always put on a pair of normal dress shoes (without the shine). For those who want to channel their inner rock-god, they could wear a pair of black high cut sneakers.

Boys, there's no reason to feel sloppy this season, so time to button up those collars and throw on a smart blazer, because classics are the new cool.


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