Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Scandinavian Style

Mention stylish European capitals and the places that come to mind are Paris, Italy and London. While Scandinavian cities are often overlooked and overshadowed by these fashion giants, my 6 month stay in Denmark has changed my perspective about Scandinavia, and I have been thouroughly inspired (and influenced) by their sense of style.

The Scandinavian style is perhaps similar to their laidback lifestyle and love for simplicity. Minimalistic, understated, effortlessly cool and sleek but also functional - reflective of the clean and simple lines you often see in their designer products; be it furniture or stationery.

Now when I'm back in my motherland, I continue to be inspired by them through these blogs.

Occasionally, I read Hel Looks a street style blog originating from Helsinki, Finland.

For a daily dose of street style and outfit ideas, I turn to Carolines Mode more often referred to as Stockholm Street Style.

Style by Kling, run by Elin Kling, is Scandinavia's largest fashion blog and has won several awards. I often read it to get an insider's peek into the fashionista's life - she is working as Fashion Director at her own fashion magazine STYLEBY and she is also the first fashion-blogger in the world to be launching her own collection for H&M. 

Another personal favorite is The Locals a street style blog featuring photographer Søren Jepsen from the now defunct Copenhagen Street Style blog. As its name suggests, it features locals on the streets of Copenhagen. 

København 2010. Meget kærlighed.


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