Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Getaway

Fir and myself will be heading to the land of kimchi and dimsum (Korea and Hong Kong)very soon, and just before we do so, I thought that it would be nice to share what I'll betaking along with me on the trip. I think I'm a very methodical person when it comes to packing. I pick out functional and versatile pieces and then envision all the permutations possible to create different outfits. Packing for a trip is always a hassle since you need to travel light, especially if you want lots of luggage space for shopping, and also because you need to have outfits that are suitable for different occasions. To make sure I do not pack haphazardly, I always try to come up with a theme to suit the destination. In this case, I'm going to the city, so I picked something a little more 'urban chic'.

A staple in my luggage is the white tank and my favorite pair of Cheap Monday Jeans. I picked a denim shirt, which proves to be very versatile and of course a pair of black cuffed shorts which exudes a laid-back city vibe. For more casual days, I can throw on my ikat print cotton dress or striped jersey maxi dress, and look effortlessly chic. And to go formal, I have my trusty black blazer that goes with almost everything.

To complement my outfits, I'm bringing along a pair of gladiators from Modern Vintage and a pair of ballet flats from Pretty Ballerina to add a pop of colour to my otherwise monochrome palette.


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