Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here comes the sun... dress!

Summer. Here comes the sun! Everyday, without fail, I will hear at least two complaints about the weather and I say what's there not to complain about? The weather has been absolutely insane; stepping out into the open means walking directly into a dense, clingy wall of heat, where the unmoving air steams and condenses onto my skin that is already covered with that sticky film of perspiration that all of us Singaporeans are used to. Needless to say, wearing less is more. Exposing whatever we can decently expose of our bodies allows for the pleasure (or you could say, cheap thrill) of feeling that hint of a breeze (ok, a hot/warm breeze is still a breeze) on our skins in this impossibly tropical climate. From personal experience, I tell you truly and sincerely that sundresses are the way to go in such ridiculous humidity. Shorts are great of course, especially for those of you with amazing legs but sundresses definitely allow for the most ventilation, waist-down. Furthermore, sundresses don't come with the top-bottom-matching woes and, frivolous as it sounds, they can be so pretty that I find them so hard to resist. Pictures coming soon!

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