Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This week's loot

So this week's loot is pretty backdated, but I can't help flaunting one of my favorite dresses I bought for Chinese New Year this year. Its from ASOS, and I love the fabric which reminds me of a rich and royal brocade. Love the lace up details on the dress as well. More updates soon!



  1. OMG I ordered that exact dress too! But I sent it back cause it was one size too small ;_;

    Looks good though! :D

  2. haha, fir ordered that dress too because she loved the fabric and details! oh no that sucks ): but i totally know what you mean. the sizing is a bit weird. its a little tight for me around the waist area, but i made myself squeeze into it haha.

    thanks lenne! (: