Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Miss Polished

I'm sure everyone has a style muse, and mine happens to be the very chic Olivia Palermo. Whenever I'm in need of a quick fashion fix or just some inspiration for my outfits, she's the one that I turn to. She first caught my eye when I saw her on the reality MTV series 'The City', and even though she played the role of the villainous backstabber, I couldn't help but be drawn to her great sense of style.

She's the epitome of impeccable in every way - she never seems to have a strand of hair that is out of place, her make up is flawless, and she's always flashing her megawatt smile. Then of course there's her clothes. Known for pairing designer pieces with high street finds, and combining textures, colours and trends together perfectly, I can't help but feel that she was born with a flair for styling. And while she's always fashion forward, there's always something very 'Olivia' about her outfit.

Of course, I've really come to find myself in having her as my muse. My love for simplicity and sophistication, and staying true to my inner feminine self, amongst the raccoon eyed, grunge rock, ripped sweater, leather skirt, chain and stud donning girls that have come to dominate the fashion scene in the recent years. True, I've been through that phase, but I've always come back one full circle to pick out pieces that I think Miss Palermo would approve of. So its great that there's someone I can really relate to and look up to.

I'll leave you to decide what you think about her style with a link to the Vogue site, which showed what she wore for one month.


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