Sunday, July 1, 2012

My summer wishlist

To be honest, Singapore has 365 days of summer, so it doesn't really count when I create my very own summer wishlist. I've learnt to stop complaining so much about not having seasons, but there are still times when I go off on a rant about how terribly boring it is having only one season throughout the entire year.

I'm taking back all the complaining this year, because Spring/ Summer 2012 has been a particularly good year/ season for designers. It's almost like a fashion renaissance of some sorts - all the vivid colours, loose relaxed silhouettes, sports luxe, etc, these are things I wouldn't mind wearing all year round.

Anyway, here's my wishlist of must-haves for this summer (and in my case) all year round.

1. Anthropologie Placid Rush Tank  2. Zara Plaited Clutch  3. H&M for Water Bikini  4. By Malene Birger Sambiara Tweed Shorts  5. Isabel Marant Merry Leather Sandals  6. Moscot Grunya Sunglasses in Crystal

Shorts are my number one summer essentials, and I've bought so many pairs of shorts recently but more on that in another post. The footwear of choice would be sandals because my feet like to soak up some sun and strappy sandals are always comfy and pretty. An easy, breezy tank top in a lightweight material like the Anthropologie one above is necessary.  Needless to say, shades are a must. And last but not least, a bikini is essential for days when I just want to cool down in a pool.

1. Tibi Floral Print Silk Dress  2. Zara XL Coloured Clutch  3. O.P.I My Pointe Exactly Nail Polish  4. Stella McCartney Heels  5. Yves Saint Laurent Arty Gold-Plated Glass Ring

When night comes, I always like to look a little dressier but not abandon the summer notion completely. I think this Tibi floral dress is perfect for summer. I'd ditch the sandals and opt for strappy heels, but ideally, still revealing some toes (and I'd prettify them with a dash of polish, this grey happens to be my favourite colour).


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