Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's go to Phuket

So much to say about Phuket but so little time. While we are all well aware that the beauty of a beach / resort getaway is the sun, sand and sea, the other gem in such a holiday is not having to think too much about the holiday wardrobe. In fact, I barely glanced at what I threw into my duffel for this trip so the result was too many tops, too few bottoms. Over there, walking around half naked is the norm; expect to see burly men strutting around in nothing but swimming trunks or bermudas and the ladies draped in kaftans, wrapped in sarongs, or unashamedly showing off those bodily assets, good or bad.

In any case, this was a trip of several firsts. One of which was hitting the roads. The others were surfing, bungee and shopping at a local warehouse. Getting lost is part and parcel of every holiday but I would say we were the happiest lost people ever. Driving along the hilly, winding and narrow terrain, with no clear road demarcations (stop lines and lane lines) and a crappy GPS that was never accurate with where to turn was a super challenge. I was pleasantly surprised though, that I barely heard any horning, this as opposed to cities like Bangkok and Hanoi where the noise pollution can drive anybody insane. While I appreciate my friends for trusting me with their lives, these lovely people were the same idiots who distracted me to hell and back throughout the entire drive back to the beach, screaming, laughing, yelling. Sometimes in Mandarin just to annoy me further (I hate you guys), as if it was not difficult enough to focus on the super narrow roads and hazards in the form of motorcyclists with absolutely no regard for traffic rules, if any. As we always tell each other, with friends like these, who needs enemies. 

Ironically, these enemies are among the few whom I would call if I had to bury a body. Trust does not come easily to most. There are exceptions of course, friends that are so gullible who would believe 'conditioning' at the end of gymnastics is all gymnasts going into the girls' washroom at the end of the walkway to wash their hair with the same conditioner. Exceptions aside, as one grows older, it gets harder and harder to establish a critical level of trust in another person. Questioning every action and guessing every agenda is extremely exhausting but in such a competitive working environment that all twenty-somethings are sucked into, it's every (wo)man for him or herself and leaving your back wide open for a huge parang to come slashing through is no fault of anyone but yourself. A support system at work is as important as the one that everyone should have at home. Unfortunately, not so prevalent in Singapore. 

No sense in dwelling on this unsolvable problem. Establishing personal indicators of trust is probably the only way to make sure your back stays unscarred and unscathed. Once it gets exhausting, run off for a getaway, like Phuket. 

Bungee off a crane. Mad but we went for it anyway.  
First thought is fire hazard, just look at that roof. But, it's a gorgeous bar.

Morning fuel, with compliments from the Kata resort buffet line. 

A road hazard caught on camera, complete with bags of plastic bowls and metal pots. Fearing for the windscreen of the rented car, we intended to overtake this blurry road hog but to no avail. Switch your gaze to the right and that is the oncoming traffic. Look left, there's grass, the rare white painted line signaling the road shoulder. Now you tell me, HOW NOW?


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