Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The impossible storage space

The incessant love for clothes comes with much wardrobe woes. I think nobody understands this predicament best like Fir and myself do, Fir more so, because her wardrobe is literally exploding.

My woes include but isn't limited to spending 15 mins everyday rummaging through piles of clothes, or having to press a whole new set of clothes again because they got crumpled in my wardrobe or even forgetting that I had that dress or that top, because it fell to the back of my wardrobe and got hidden under a pile of other forgotten things.

And so, I continue wishing for a humongous and gianormous wardrobe, or maybe even an entire room just for my clothes. For now, let me show you some of my dream wardrobes. Hopefully, I'll get one of these fantasy storage spaces in my home someday.


1 comment:

  1. My wife would love some of those closets! My wife and I have been having serious storage issues recently. I can not stand clutter and after ranting to my friends, one of them recommended american barns as a solution. We put one up pretty fast last month, and it has really cleared up the space. Now all the seasonal decorations and clothing that is not in season can get out of the way!