Friday, May 4, 2012

Bangle Stacko

I never thought twice about what I put on my wrists until Fal mentioned that I should talk about it earlier this week. Usually, choosing the clothes takes up 80% of the Time Spent Getting Dressed while the remaining 20% of that time is split among getting my face ready and grabbing accessories. If time permits, I get the luxury of rummaging through my stash of necklaces, bangles and rings. If I'm in a hell of a rush then all the better for the stuff sitting on top of the pile, they get the most exposure.

However, just for the sake of narrowing it down, here are some of my favourites. Until the beauties from the likes of Marni, Balenciaga and Chanel become more affordable (proportional to my income), I'm happy dealing with these odds and ends picked up from those trips, overseas and to town. 

The chunky black one was a gift from Phuket which came in a set of two and this particular one actually had no charms. I took apart the other one and voila, two lucky charms (dragonfly and elephant)  instead of none. The other two are hail from Hanoi, Vietnam. For such a bargain. The fabric one is handmade and the double-headed tiger one cost me, I think, a dollar or two. 

This set used to be a staple until I got tired of it.

The pretty pearl and crystal one was a gift from my aunt which I love because it's rose gold.
I got the first gold one from Korea. I recall standing my ground in the drizzle as Fal and our dear friend, Clare, zipped by me looking for a Korean barbeque spot for dinner. The silver one, no prizes for guessing, is from France. I love it because it's got all the tourist traps on it. 

I usually wear this on its own. 
No, these aren't from India, in case you were wondering. I love the gold - fabric mix. 

A giant one for lazy days; lazy to dress up, match accessories, this is the perfect grab-and-go. The only issue I have with it is that I have to take it off before starting work. It gets in the way whether I'm typing, writing or using my mouse. 

There really is no secret to bangle stacking. Hippie means everything works, classy means just one or two will do and edgy is slapping on some leather and silver. Sometimes I use the smaller ones to hold the bigger ones up so they don't slide down too much and surprisingly, the combination works. Keep the materials consistent, like fabrics with fabrics and/or leather; metals with metals and/or previous stones; plastics with plastics. Trial and error goes a long way when it comes to putting random bracelets and trinkets together. Like Uno Stacko, you can probably guess which pieces can be pulled out and piled on and have fun building that awesome arm-our. 


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