Monday, January 30, 2012

Joining the Red Army

With Chinese New Year still going on, it's hard not to feel the festive cheer. For the more fortunate ones like me with tighter-knit families and smaller groups of relatives, Chinese New Year is a pretty enjoyable period where cousins of the same wavelength (very important), quirky uncles and blur aunties come together to feast and make merry. I cannot remember a Chinese New Year which wasn't cacophonous with family members practically shouting in order to be heard or screaming with laughter till the neighbours got annoyed over Black Jack with wine, beer and an overdose of pop music or just a good conversation with good-natured suan-ing all around. Sure it gets tiring, but hey, it's still family and I'd rather too much noise over dead, awkward silence. As always, part of the fun of new year comes in dressing up. As I don't have many places to visit annually (yay for me) and my parents are cool with my clothes (most of the time), I don't really have to watch what I wear. In fact, it works as long as it's new. However because this is the dragon year and apparently us poor dragon kids somehow offended the 'tai sui' or some other big shot up in the heavens, I'm joining the Red Army and Fal is my fellow comrade. Red isn't my colour of choice and the number of real reds in my wardrobe is countable with ten fingers. I'm making an exception this new year and hoping that it brings on better things to come in the new year.

The switch back to the non-red options is inevitable of course, just look at the gorgeous nude, pastel, monochrome and printed offerings that S/S12 had off the runway.


Marni for some yellow
Black and white with Lanvin
Marni again and I'm loving the clashing prints 

Marni taking on the florals

Roberto Cavalli  
Kudos to Roberto Cavalli's crazy prints

Happy New Year everyone!


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