Saturday, November 5, 2011

WFW 2011 Singapore: Dominique Sirop

Autumn had descended upon the runway of Singapore's first and inaugural Women's Fashion Week. Day 4 of WFW had 3 designers showing their works - Dominique Sirop, Alexis Mabille and Anne Valerie Hash. The leaves on the line of trees along the runway had turned amber and red, a day before, they were a deep green (since it was summer).

I was just in time for my first show at WFW which was presented by Dominique Sirop, and I had heightened expectations for my virgin 'live' Haute Couture presentation. Dominique Sirop's collection however, turned out to be a bit of a let down. The show opened with a body-hugging khaki gown with embellishments around the neckline and slashes on the skirt but it was simple, lacking drama. As the show progressed, embellishments on the pieces multiplied with the next few pieces covered in sequins and baubbles. By the fourth piece, the muted colours exploded into a dress covered in brightly colored diamantes. The build-up in the drama was evident, but was the drama amped up for high fashion or the theatre? I personally felt it was the latter. Then, there were random pieces that had leather, tulle, embellisments, sequins, chiffon, ribbons - a very questionable and strange mix. The choice of materials, didn't quite come together and sorely missing was a unifying theme for the collection.

The only two pieces that I liked from the collection were these two dresses:

I've definitely seen better pieces by Dominique Sirop, but unfortunately, they were not present on Day 4. I would definitely give this Grand Couturier the benefit of the doubt; perhaps the pieces selected did not justify Dominique Sirop's mastery of elegance and amazing silhouettes, perhaps there'll be better ones next year.

Here's some other snapshots from WFW's lounge area and runway.


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