Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Italian ballet shoes

I have always loved the way ballet shoes look and feel. The ballet lessons I took when I was a little girl helped me to appreciate the shoes which melded with my feet to become one. The light and unobtrusive shoes give the illusion of a barefooted dancer with graceful and supple feet. I remember how the shoes I wore back then were always well-fitted and soft, allowing much flexibility of the foot. And of course, there was the smell of leather from these tan colored shoes that I fondly remember. 

While I no longer do ballet, I still have a soft spot for ballet shoes. That has carried forth in my choice of footwear and ballet flats are a staple for me. Recently, I chanced upon an Italian purveyor of ballet shoes and flats, Anniel. Founded in 1976 and specializing in the field of footwear, Anniel hails from Treviso, an area in Venice, Italy. Since 2000, Anniel has specialized in the creation of ballet flats which follow the latest fashion trends in terms of colours, fabrics and shapes. Today Anniel boasts 10 product lines with over 2500 items including specialized clothing and footwear for dance, gymnastics and ballroom dancing.


Anniel's ballet flats look classic, timeless and would definitely get a nod of approval from Audrey Hepburn. While I haven't found an online store which stocks Anniel's ballet flats, Satine carries some of Anniel's other products - the Derby shoe (below), which looks equally comfy. 

Do give me a shoutout if you happen to know where I can buy Anniel's ballet flats online!



  1. Those are all so beautiful Italian women's ballet flats shoes. I love all of these shoes.

  2. Thank you! We love them too, wished we had them in Singapore!