Monday, November 14, 2011

In the prime of life

I attended the launch of Time Taken to Make a Dress' inaugural pop-up store at a Curious Teepee which also coincided with the launch of their latest 11 piece collection, Life Cycle.

If the designers at TTMD could chart their label's life cycle, then TTMD would probably in its prime right now.

Life Cycle shows a more mature and mellowed side of the designers. Opting for a muted palette of black and cream, the detailing and silhouettes of the pieces become more pronounced. The cream pieces sport an interesting web-like pattern made out of string. As the collection progresses, the web-like patterns morph into full-on floor sweeping fringe.

With the aid of asymmetrical hems and plunging backs, light and floaty fabrics helped to make the pieces in this collection feel a little more fluid, a little less structured as compared to their previous collection, Cheongsam.

The other change, was the venue of their exhibition. With Life Cycle, TTMD opted for a pop-up store outside of their usual workspace at Niven Road. Letitia, who is one half of the design duo, says that this is all for good cause since customers are likely to feel less intimidated and more inclined to browse through what they have to offer. 

Once again, Jade and Letitia have done a great job with their latest collection, and TTMD has definitely grown and blossomed with every collection shown.

The Life Cycle Collection will be on exhibition till 3 Dec 2011 at a Curious Teepee.


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