Friday, September 23, 2011

New York Fashion Week: Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012

It was clear what the Mulleavy sisters were inspired by as soon as the models stepped on the runway - they looked like they stepped out of van Gogh's Sunflowers painting. What I truly admire was their ability to transform a piece of art into something so ethereal and expressive; even van Gogh himself must be proud of them. The cheery yellow sunflowers were printed on floaty tiers of silk chiffons and satins a soft touch that gave the pieces a sense of airiness. Later on in the collection, the bright yellows gave way to a portion of saturated purples and greens before moving on to a stunning and beautiful finale featuring prints from another of van Gogh's famous work, Starry Night.

Once again, Kate and Laura Mulleavy manages to weave a narrative through their collection, using their designs to tell a story to the audience. Whatever, you make out of that story, one cannot help but feel awed and inspired - this takes design to a whole new level, and it truly is a work of art.


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