Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I really think about colored skinnies

So colored skinnies seems to be the hot trend now with a plethora of celebrities spotted around town in their brightly colored denims.

Call me boring, but I have never ventured to put on a pair of colorful skinnies, and I never will. And that is for a good reason. While, celebs look fine in it, I think everyday people like myself would probably look like a performer at NDP or Chingay Parade. Most of us do not have legs like Alexa Chung or    Karlie Kloss. Let's face it, celebs and models look good in anything, including a trash bag. So while, colorful skinnies look great on them, I still have my reservations about them mostly because they emphasize areas (like calves or thighs) that might not be so flattering.

And such jeans, when worn on a casual day with a t-shirt or tank top, look like they were just bought from This Fashion. They don't really up your style cred, especially those bright neon colored jeans. Styling, with colored skinnies, has to be spot on.

For now, I'll be sticking to my normal colored jeans, in their normal blue, black and white washes. Colored jeans? Perhaps another day when I'm a bit more adventurous.


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