Sunday, January 9, 2011

What I wore...

for a 21st birthday party at East Coast Park Goldkist Resort with no dress code. I was in a fix because of the 'come in anything you like' dress (non)code. I used the trusty common sense that we are all blessed with to figure something out.

One: I'm sure everyone is familiar with the logic that comes with dressing up when with dressier people and vice versa. In accordance with this particular group of friends, I intended to plant myself somewhere closer to the 'underdressed' side of the underdressed-overdressed spectrum.
Two: Some guests could only come when they get knock off work. Hence? Corporate attire.

Therefore, this is what I came up with.

The blazer to dress the outfit up, the shorts to dress it down and the sheer, white, chiffon-mix blouse for some much needed ventilation. I had decided on black leather Oxfords but swapped them for the safe, fool-proof black flats. I foresaw the need for comfort after gawking at the distance I would have to walk from the bus stop to the chalet as recommended by Google maps. Also, ballet flats are so much easier to slip in and out of. 1. is a corset bra (what a gem) that I picked up in H&M. It complements the sheer pieces of clothing that I own so well. The birthday girl wore a hot pink, laid-back (not casual) halter dress with hand painted butterfly motifs and a draped handkerchief hem.

In the end, I ended up slightly closer to 'overdressed'.


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