Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair for Spring 2011

It is easy to be lazy when it comes to hair styling. Take the 'bad hair' example. No one does anything about bad hair except wear a hat or tie it up and declaring "It's a Bad Hair Day". Bad hair is then forgiven out of empathy, sympathy or good nature. Often, people tend to overlook their hair as part of their overall presentation. Personally, a perm is the laziest (and easiest) way to keep hair looking presentable. I'm guilty of it but I'm not ashamed to say so. Where is there time to style my hair everyday when there is a never-ending task list for me to tackle? This was why I was stoked when I stumbled upon these Spring hair styles or solutions, perfect for the busy bees. There is no fuss or overnight discomfort required and I would say 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient to achieve any of these looks. Let's jump straight to it.

1. The Swoop

Pin your bangs loosely to the side and secure it with bobby pins.


2. The Bangs

Bangs should be heavy, below the eyebrows, longer on the sides and they should be blow dried.


3. The Low Bun

Try to cover your ears and keep the bun loose and natural.


4. The Shpunky (short + punky)

Use some wax to get that tousled, I-don't-give-a-damn/I'm-busy/Get-out-of-my-way look.


5. The Side Part

Tip: To find your parting, place a comb flat against the side of your head. Slide the comb upwards till it leaves your head and that is where you should part your hair.


Love it: Easy, quick and natural way to look polished and stylish.
Hate it: Busy is no longer an excuse. (at least for now)

Photos courtesy of Refinery 29.


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