Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Curious Teepee

So, we missed A Curious Teepee's soft launch, which was graced by The Facehunter himself, Yvan Rodic, but Fir and myself headed down to this new concept store at *Scape the day after the launch because we were so very curious about them.

Basically, A Curious Teepee is a store and cafe/bar all mashed up into one. On top of that, it'll be the venue for enriching programs 'for living a life more inspired'.

We also wanted to get first (or rather second) dips on the products and brands they carry. We were pleasantly surprised to find that A Curious Teepee offers a spectrum of lifestyle brands which are both local and international. Some of the things we particularly liked were the BLESS products. Especially this BLESS x Longchamp Le Pliage bag that I've been coveting for awhile.

Springcourt shoes hailing from USA were also carried. I haven't really seen this brand elsewhere, but Springcourt has been the original French sneaker since 1936. We'll let its heritage speak for itself.

Curious also stocks Mae Pang, up and coming local fashion designer.

Besides apparel, there is also Anatomicals, a beauty and bath brand from UK.

And if that's just not enough, there's still other cute and quirky stuff, such as some of the objects designed by local Singapore artists and designers (we found a set of Tu-tu Kueh erasers) and home ware ( like the creepy rabbit lamp - picture below).

If you're worn from all the shopping and browsing, head over to their cafe, which has good ambience - nice soft lighting and an open feeling. Best of all, the place is pretty quiet, even though kids are skateboarding just one level below.

I'd say that A Curious Teepee is definitely a great place to hangout, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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